Wednesday, 9 July 2014


This morning Keo was happily playing on his own in his room which gave me a chance to browse the Internet. Sometimes I feel like I am even more disconnected with the rest of the world since I became a mother. My days often start when Keo wakes up and end when he goes to bed at night. I don't really watch TV which means that I don't watch news either and even when I have some "me time" in the evenings I don't read about what is happening around the world. By the time we eat dinner and look around social media sometimes it's pretty much bedtime (getting Keo to sleep is another story that I'll try to blog here another time....). Luckily I have a husband who is very much aware of what is happening around the world and can explain to me without being judgemental when I shamefully have basic questions like what is going on in Syria or Scotland's possible separation from the UK.

So this morning when I opened the laptop, Twitter popped up from the last session. I was initially looking thorough #Brazil to see what people have to say about the last night's game but somehow ended up on #PrayforGaza. I'd had no idea what was happening in Gaza when the football match was going on on the other side of the world. I felt heartbroken. Especially about the fact that innocent kids were killed during the attack. Since I had Keo, whenever I hear sad news involving children it breaks my heart even more. It's like a different level. This morning the news about Gaza somehow hit me deeply and I found myself crying looking at those awful images of the attack. I don't know much about Palestine and Israel more than the basic historical facts but I know that it's always innocent people who get hurt or killed or lose their family when there is a conflict and that's what hurts me most. I felt awful and hopeless and couldn't stop thinking how the parents who lost their child or family were feeling right now. I can't even imagine the pain.

I nearly didn't write about this. I was going to write something else today. I kind of want to keep this space for something fun and happy. But it seems important to write about how I felt this morning to remind myself how lucky that I have this small family and being able to live how we live. How lucky that I have a healthy child and I get to spend everyday with him. Also that I should do what I can do to help those in need. I can't stop a war and all I can do might be to make a small donation or just send a prayer but I would like to believe that those small things can make a difference.

(Here are couple of links for some charities I recently made a donation for if you are ever interested... here and here. Thanks for reading.)






Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I was doing our food shopping at Tesco the other day and saw these bath crayons on the bottom shelf. I'd heard a couple of my friends saying they are great fun for bath time but I'd kind of forgotten about them. So I bought them. Seriously, it's the best three pounds I've ever spent! Why didn't I buy these before?! They are sort of regular crayons but you can draw on tiles while having a bath and you can easily clean it off (say goodbye to crayon marks on your wall!). Keo generally likes his bath time (except for when he is too tired or just wants to watch In The Night Garden...)  but now he LOVES it. While I run a bath he curiously watches me drawing some of his favourite things like a cat or dog or car or trains or all the things that 1 year old boys are obsessed with. (Did I mention an airplane?) and tells me what they are pointing at my drawing. It's the cutest thing watching him talk. I always speak to him in Japanese but his small vocabulary is already both in English & Japanese. Some words are much easier to say in English like "car", which is "kuruma" in Japanese, so understandably he seems to be picking up the easier way to say it. I always wonder how he will learn to talk since me and Tom speak different languages. I studied English as an adult (and I am still learning!) so I always wished I'd known English as a child because it's not easy to learn a language as an adult! (I'm sure you'd agree if you ever studied one!) I'd love to know how your kids are learning to speak if more than one language is spoken in your family. It must be so interesting!

Anyway if you have a small child and haven't tried them yet, I'd highly recommend it! He loves to draw too! (I can't actually believe I am blogging about bath crayons. My life is so glamorous.)


約300円で値段もお手頃なこのクレヨン、だたいま母子ともにはまっております!お風呂場でお絵描きっていう意外なところがいいのか、なんだか普通に紙にかくより数倍楽しい!(公園でたべるお弁当が一層美味しく感じるのに近い感じかなw)さらにスポンジで拭き落とせるのもありがたい♪ これならおおざっぱな私でもきれいに保てます。(けっこう家のかべにいたずら書きされてるので.....。っていうか、ほったらかしの私がわるいんですが.....。)



 "carrrrrrrrrr!" :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014



We had the perfect excuse to go on a little trip to Paris since my mum was visiting us for a little over a week from Japan and she requested that she wanted to see the city. Obviously I happily accepted it and booked the train tickets straight away before she could change her mind to some other city! Luckily, Paris is only a 2.5 hour train journey away from London and it's a big temptation to hop on the train and have a weekend away. (and as you can imagine I couldn't resist the temptation a few times in the past! Who could?! :) The list of how pretty the city is could go on and on but the excitement of seeing the Eiffle tower is something special and never gets old no matter how many times I visit the city. You are so pretty, Paris!  


 It was a public holiday in Paris and literally everything was closed! They even closed Champ Elysees for some ceremony and it was kind of amazing to see it being so empty! 

Keo doing the Eiffel tower! :) 

 Poor Keo was stuck in a baggy with a rain cover but he was the only one who stayed warm & dry all day! The adults all got soaked!

Those lips :) 

 Mum and Tom take Pairs! :)

Keo was so excited being on the Eurostar. It might have been the highlight of the trip for him :)

We miss Paris!

 (and we also missed the train home. Yes, we missed it. Luckily they put us on the next train for free! They even have better customer service in France!) 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


We had an amazing opportunity to join the photoshoot for the super talented Ashlyn Gibson who is a stylist and the founder of the acclaimed children boutique Olive Loves Alfie. (She is also an author of the brilliant interior design book Creative Family Home.)  Keo got to wear a beautiful kimono and had some photos taken with spring-sakura-themed props. It was so much fun! Though Keo had no idea what was going on and kept walking towards me passing the camera so I had to put him back for what seemed like 100 times! You might have noticed that he is clinging on to me in the second photo :) We don't get these kind of opportunities that often (well, none in other words!) so just wanted to share some pictures here....


That tongue :) 

All the pictures were taken by the talented photographer Nerys Jones.

Thank you for the fun afternoon! 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We are back!

Oh it's been a long while since I last blogged.  Since I became a mother my life has totally changed. You often hear people say that but this whole baby thing does take up your whole life! I wake up with him (sometimes as early as 5am), feed him, change him, play with him, and feed him again, change him again, play with him again and so on and on.... that's basically my day! haha! But seriously, it can be exhausting. Now that he is a bit older, 15 months in April (how did that happen????), things are actually a bit easier. He was never a good sleeper but is finally sleeping through the night. Well, most of the nights... OK, he is actually up as I write this. It's 21:40 and Tom is desperately trying to get him back to sleep in the next room! (Keo, please sleep....) Anyway, after the full on first year, I feel like I am ready to start blogging again. Well, it's definitely easier said than done, so let's see how it goes! If you happen to be reading this new blog of mine, nice to see you! and hope to see you around!

みなさんよく、『子供ができると自分の時間も無くなるし毎日ばたばたよ。』とお聞きしますが、うちも長男きおが産まれて以来見事に生活が一転しました。今思えば、特に最初の1年は本当にきお一色の日々(まあ、もうすぐ15ヶ月になる今でこそきお一色ですが...)。 毎日早いときは朝5時に起床するきおと共に朝は始まり(ってか、早すぎ。)夜7時のベッドタイムまで毎日この1歳児にふりまわされている毎日です。 

とはいえ、やっぱり夜寝てくれるようになると毎日もちょっと楽になり、きおが産まれる前までちょこちょこやってたブログを再会しようかなーなんて余裕まででてきました。約1年全然開いてさえいなかったので今回はあらためて新しいサイト&名前で再スタートです♡ とはいえ、ちゃんと続くかどうか!笑

 "Is mama blogging again?? "

Friday, 26 April 2013

Don't grow too fast, my little boy!

it's been such a long while since i last wrote! living with a little baby has taken over my life completely - sometimes i forget to take a shower, i often eat food standing up these days, i learned how to go to the toilet without putting him down and waking him up, also i now walk round the flat so quietly like a ninja so i won't wake him up!

but i've been missing writing this little blog of mine and always feel like i should document all those precious little things that happen in our life now. (but i always end up choosing to nap rather than blog!) keo is now 3 months and a half. he is growing fast. real fast! he rolled over the other day. hooray! (i was half asleep and nearly missed the proud moment!) and started to talk (well, not really "talk" but he makes a noise. sometimes he goes on and on like he is passionately talking about breast milk or something! :)




these are his little videos - here and here if you are interested....

please don't grow too fast my little boy! (but please sleep at night....)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

6 weeks!

keo will be 6 weeks old this thursday and is growing very fast! he has turned into a VERY hungry baby and feeds so much. when he cries for milk, nothing will make him calm (but my boobies!) he went through a growth spurt the other week and he was feeding every 30 mins which was tough! he now has proper chubby baby cheeks and arms and legs which are so adorable and i could just keep stroking them forever.

we are slowly getting into a routine and he is feeding every 2 to 4 hours now which is giving me some time to sleep too.... we started to take him out in a sling to the park/local shops and he loves being in it and sleeps very well. being outside also takes my mind off the daily feeding routine and keeps me sane so i'd better keep it up. 

i am still sore from the daily feeding (my nipples that is.) and went to see a breastfeeding lady at a local children centre the other day to get some help. she says the latching is perfect (thanks to all the youtube clips/website that i desperately watched million times) but his mouth is still small and he can't open his mouth wide enough which is apparently the reason why.  apparently it could take 3 months for the pain to go away.... that's another 2 months! umm...

P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who sent us cards/presents! keo is a very lucky boy! we can't thank you enough for your generosity!


でもあいかわらずおっぱいは痛いままで、先日近所にあるチルドレンセンター(国が経営しているママと子供達のための施設でいろんなクラスがあったり子供達があそべる施設)の母乳エキスパートのお姉さんに話をしにいったところ、吸い方は問題ないけれど、どうやらきおの口が小さいのが原因のようで、3ヶ月ぐらいすればいたくなくなってくるでしょう、とのこと。あと2ヶ月も痛いのかとおもうとちょっと気が重い....。涙 でもおっぱい大好きのきおのためになんとか頑張らなければっと日々の授乳にのぞんでおります。

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